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Time to write a descriptive essay on a complicated or dull topic? Both are exhausting, especially when you are too busy working on everything else that comes adjoined to school. But, what if we told you that descriptive writing does not have to be so hard after all? Yes, it demands great skills and a lot of effort, but if you learn how to write descriptive essay, you are halfway there – to an A given by your professors!

Rushessay’s Secret for Writing Descriptive Essays

One of the greatest ways to see what a good essay should look like is to find a quality descriptive writing example. But, even if you do look at our samples of such essays, you still need to understand the process of writing such essays. To deliver on the promises and maintain our high reputation, writers at Rushessays follow a simple, yet distinctive method for writing this paper. Here is a short guide on how to write descriptive essay.

  • Engage all senses

Depending on the selected or assigned topic, we will engage all possible senses in the reader – sight, smell, touch, sound and taste. Of course, not all are applicable to every essay topic, but the more you explore, the more descriptive you can be. So, once we help you choose a topic or get the one you already have, we will focus it on a person, an event, an item, or a location. Then, all that’s left to do is lay details out for the reader through the description of these features. In other words, by reading the essay, the reader should be able to feel, smell, touch, hear, and taste the thing described in it.

For this goal, the writer may choose to create columns or diagram that separates the senses that apply, and add the thoughts that help describe the topic through those senses.

  • Make a statement

One of the first steps for every essay is to write the thesis statement. We seek for a specific, prominent idea that will flow throughout the entire paper, set out its purpose, as well as introduces the topic.

  • Create outline and follow it

With the help of the diagram or columns, we proceed to making an outline that separates ideas into paragraphs. This outline, as well as the thesis statement and the columns guide us through writing the introduction, body paragraphs, and essay conclusion.

  • Polishing

Finally, we look into the writing and perfect the little details.

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